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Want a Mobile Business?

You've come to the right place! Here are some Before & After photos of our most well known bar builds. We design, build and help you with your business start up & marketing.


Check out our Instagram for builds in progress @the_pour_horse or

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We are excited to announce we are now offering full build outs of mobile bars across the USA. We have built a brand that is recognized worldwide and consistently sought out. The mobile bar trend across the US is staggering, we are so proud to be one of the industry founders and leaders in America.

Recent Builds

We have built for big and small, we have a mobile trailer for every client

Business Types

Coffee Bar

Dessert Bar

Peanut Bar

Popsicle Bar

Beauty Bar

Bartending Bar

Craft Sale Bars

Champagne Carts



Backyard Bar

Unlimited Possibilities - All Ideas Welcomed!

Bar/Conversion Types

Horse Trailer

Camper/Travel Trailer

Piaggio Ape



Portable Bars

Bar Trikes

Vintage Trucks

Unlimited Possibilities

All too often we hear "If I build it, it will book". There is nothing further from the truth. It takes a ton of hours and networking/marketing to get your trailer seen and booking. We have taken trial and error out of your marketing and build designing. Simply put; we have the tricks to get product recognition in your areas. We never just build you a mobile business trailer then send you on your way. We include guidance in networking, marketing, branding, pricing guides, client contracts and have the option of us coming to your first event to help you with your workflow and learning the bells and whistles of your trailer.

We are now a federally licensed and insured manufacturer for our bar trailers and campers. This means no home made trailer paperwork and inspections. We give you a title with each build we manufacture, saving clients a big hassle when trying to register or insure.
Do you have your own vehicle or trailer you'd like us to convert? Our pricing starts at $115/HR plus the costs of materials. We try our best to keep our site accurate, but sometimes life gets in the way. Pricing is subject to change, please contact for current rates. 

The Catch


We are only take on a MAX of two of each company type per metropolitan area and only 1 per rural area. Why? Well, with the staggering amount of entrepreneurs taking this idea and running with it, the industry can get over saturated if we offer more than that. There are a multitude of marketing possibilities to make your mobile bar going but with more than 2 types in each area, you will be working against yourself and against the other already established mobile businesses in your area. We have built our company to depend on your success. With limiting the amount of companies we work with, we depend on our clients growing their fleets. Setting you up for success, and building you a quality product means you wont need to look elsewhere when its time to expand. Best part is, unlike other mobile bar companies that want to stick you in a franchise, you own your bar! We are not a franchise!

If you are ready to get started on the quoting process, shoot us an email to

Roving Pony Campers


Looking for a custom camper? Due to the high amount of requests, we are currently expanding into full on campers and camper renovations!

Our goal is to get the rovers, boondockers, full timers and part time campers into a vintage style camper with with luxury and modern interiors. Multiple sizes and layouts are available. Contact us at for options and pricing information.

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